Buying a larger capacity HVAC in Saugus, MA, makes sense if you have a large house or too many people living in the house. It’s wise to buy a unit that is optimal for your home. Still, people go ahead & buy a 4-ton for a space that needs a 2.

What they have to deal with next is called a short cycling air conditioner!

What Is HVAC Short Cycling? | HVAC In Saugus, MA

We know that air conditioners take a ‘break’ from cooling when they reach the temperature you set on the thermostat. They restart when the temperature gets warmer – in a balanced dance.

Suppose you install an AC unit with a higher cooling capacity than your space requires. In that case, it will cool rapidly, reaching the thermostat’s set point sooner. The resulting on & off cycling will reduce energy efficiency, weather the equipment & deliver uneven temperatures. That’s short cycling!

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Signs Of a Short Cycling Air Conditioner

Apart from the characteristic clicking, you may have a short cycling HVAC when these signs are present:

Rapid/Frequent Cycling: | HVAC In Saugus, MA

If your HVAC switches too many times in its cooling run, there is a high possibility of short cycling due to a faulty thermostat. Regardless, an HVAC running for a short time before turning off is a sign to call a technician for your HVAC in Saugus, MA.

Inconsistent Cooling:

You might notice that your spaces, whether ductless or zones are not receiving the thermostat-set temperatures. That’s because the short cycling air conditioner struggles to keep temperatures level & may not distribute conditioned air evenly.

Higher Energy Bills:

HVAC typically consumes electricity when turned on & off. Hence, the switching occurring from short cycling is evident that your bills will spike.

Odd Noises: | HVAC In Saugus, MA

Frequent clicking, knocks, or a switching sound, accompanied by the HVAC operating for a short period, are sure signs of a short cycling air conditioner. If your unit also operates loudly, it indicates a large-capacity unit operating at strained, short-cycled levels.

Limited Airflow:

The frequent on-and-off cycle means the HVAC barely gets its fan up to speed for venting, only to shut down again. You will notice weak airflow & different air temperatures in your spaces.

Quick Cycling Outdoor Unit:

If you have an HVAC with an outdoor unit & you suspect short cycling, you can check the outdoor unit. If you notice it is also switching frequently, it’s a confirmed case of short cycling.

HVAC Life Reduction:

Short cycling is the HVAC equivalent of a kid switching the lights on-&-off incessantly – things get worn out, trained, and the components suffer damage over time. Not only does a short cycling air conditioner gets old sooner, but it also makes the unit inefficient to a larger extent.

Let’s Help You Cycle Back to A Better HVAC In Saugus, MA!

If you suspect you have a short-cycling HVAC or air conditioner, it would be best to get in touch with us to discuss retrofitting or replacement options. Short cycling can quickly become expensive unless the correct units are installed as per the cooling load.

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