For a relaxing environment in your home in Saugus, MA, HVAC systems are essential for maintaining consistent & comfortable temperatures indoors. A properly installed unit by an HVAC company In Saugus, MA, is among the best ways to sustain comfort, regardless of outside weather.

The only hiccups in this journey are the misinformed opinions or HVAC myths we encounter when maintaining our HVAC. Chilli Willie Mechanical provides wicked solutions to wicked HVAC problems. We share with you a few HVAC myths you shouldn’t believe!

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HVAC Info You Shouldn’t Believe

Even if your HVAC system appears to be working fine, regular maintenance is essential for running smoothly and efficiently. Don’t let HVAC myths get in the way!

Thought #1
Change HVAC Filters Once a Year | HVAC Company In Saugus, MA

Whether heating or cooling, dirty filters can reduce airflow by up to 90% & present respiratory hazards too. Replacing the filters after a minimum of 3 months is sensible to ensure healthy indoor air quality.

Thought #2
Thermostats Can Be Installed Anywhere

Wrong! These sensitive instruments register the temperatures you need on your HVAC, so they also need considerate surroundings. Never install a thermostat where you have a lot of sun & traffic corridors in the house.

Thought #3
Constant Low Setting HVAC Is Energy-Efficient | HVAC Company In Saugus, MA

As your trusted HVAC company in Saugus, MA, we stress that you don’t do that. A constantly running AC on low will keep on operating even when no one needs the cooling and might even cause occupants to feel colder than usual. This HVAC myth is why most folks have high unit energy costs.

Thought #4
High/Low Thermostat Setting Makes the AC Run Faster

The HVAC will cool or warm an area at the same rate regardless of how high or low the thermostat setting is. The only thing happening will be the constant on-and-off cycling of the heating or cooling units, which will wear out the internal mechanisms. If you need reliable temperature control & consistency, invest in a smart thermostat instead!

Thought #5
Bigger HVAC Is Better

This is the most expensive HVAC myth. A lot goes into calculating the correct tonnage required to condition air while remaining energy efficient. Bigger systems for a small space are akin to cost-saving-suicide, not to mention the short cycling problem.

Thought #6
DIY HVAC Maintenance Is a Piece of Cake!

Unless you are a certified technician at a reputable HVAC company in Saugus, MA, please, keep away from the robust HVAC, heating & cooling units in your home. Professional maintenance is critical to the safe operation of the HVAC units, as they contain so many sensitive electromechanical parts that can quickly go south at the hands of a novice.

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