Key Takeaways:

  • Residential leaks can run into thousands of gallons wasted per annum.
  • The best way to identify leaks is to keep track of your water bills & consumption. Any anomaly or discrepancy will show up.
  • Leaky fixtures, cisterns and pipes, slow drainage, damaged hose bibs, and reduced water pressure are some obvious indicators of issues with your home’s plumbing.
  • Sump pumps, backflow assemblies, and pressure valves are some components that require regular maintenance to ensure you don’t have to deal with plumbing issues.
  • Sewage backups, flooded basements, and multiple clogged toilets call for immediate plumbing service in Saugus, MA. Contact us at 774-202-9077 for prompt repairs!

Did you know a leaky faucet losing a drip per second makes up for 3,000 to 10,000 gallons of water wasted annually? Imagine having multiple leaks, a faulty water cistern O-ring, worn gaskets in your home’s plumbing, and failing components. You can imagine how that would escalate your plumbing issues & bills.

Chilli Willie Mechanical is Saugus’s best when dealing with wicked plumbing problems. If you are tired of dripping sounds & high utility bills, call us for plumbing service in Saugus, MA.

Identifying Plumbing Issues | Plumbing Service In Saugus, MA

There are several places where leaks might be compromising your plumbing system. If not fixed promptly, you might end up with burst pipes & flooded basements!

Leaking Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are often installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and gardens, so it is easy to check them for leaks. Typical leaks can arise from improper installation, insufficient insulation, or a worn-out O-ring. While one can DIY replace an O-ring, if the drip persists, you can use a drip calculator to calculate how much the drip costs you in bills, or you can schedule a plumbing service in Saugus, MA.

Leaking Pipes | Plumbing Service In Saugus, MA

They can drip in plain sight or damage your home’s surrounding drywall, framing & concrete foundations. Pipe leaks are usually virulent if they carry sewage, so you should flush responsibly to avoid clogs. Poor installation, pipe corrosion & joint damage, ruptured seals, and unregulated water pressure can all result in leaking pipes. It’s the kind of problem that needs to be fixed fast!

Slow Draining 

Clogged drains can result in airborne bacteria & health hazards. If you have a localized clogged drain, it’s probably due to hair, spuds, or grease build-up. But if you have multiple clogs, your sewage system needs an overhaul. You should schedule an emergency plumbing service in Saugus, MA.

Leaky Cisterns

The toilet is not as complicated as the cistern assembly can become for DIY repair. Sometimes it’s impossible to identify the leak because of the invisible laminar flow. But if you can’t find any leak source and your water bill is high, then it’s the toilet(s).

The issue might arise from refill tube problems or a faulty flapper seal. A plumbing technician can better identify corroded toilet handles, flush valves, and improper flapper chains, so call us at  774-202-9077.

Damaged Hose Bibs | Plumbing Service In Saugus, MA

You will certainly experience this issue as Saugus transitions from the chilly temperatures to warm spring. Hose bibs, sillcock, or spigots – are mechanisms that control the water flow outside your home. They are attached to sprinkler systems or watering hoses. Exposure to the elements can result in their damage & subsequent leakage.

Reduced Water Pressure

If there is a breach in the pressure containment or regulation, you might get drips in the faucet or no water. The reason lies in corroded pipes, hidden leaks, possible sewage clogs & cracked sewer lines.

It can also indicate a problem with the backflow preventer or the pressure valves at the main water line. Our advice is to ditch the DIY and call in our plumbing technicians.

Are Leaky Fixtures a Problem?

In addition to the serially criminal amounts of water wasted, other things can happen if a leak flows freely.

Fixtures & Pipes Deteriorate

You might notice water stains & rust paths on your once flawless chrome fixtures. Tap water in the US is rich in minerals that can lead to mineral deposits across leak paths over time. The mineral deposits can also corrode iron plumbing.

Gaskets Rot Away | Plumbing Service In Saugus, MA

They are meant to maintain the pipe connections & seals, not to be doused in constant leaks. Overexposure to water, especially among the sewage line, can eat the gaskets away and lead to more significant plumbing issues.

Higher Utility Bills

Any leaks you might have will register as consumption in your bills. Keep track of your water usage to determine if you can’t account for the high utility bills. As the best dispensers of plumbing service in Saugus, MA, we can help source & install a smart water system to help you account for water consumption & leaks in your home.

Water Contamination

Suppose you don’t bother about high bills or leaks. In that case, you might start getting contaminated water for sanitary use and only notice it once it’s too late. It would help if you occasionally had a backflow test on your property to weed out potential issues.

Plumbing Components Needing Regular Plumbing Service

Pressure Valves

The consequences of a failed pressure valve can be disastrous & result in a phenomenon called water hammer. It’s when your home has high-pressure plumbing. That’s why you hear your pipes banging at night when you visit the loo, and it indicates you need regular maintenance for the pressure valves.

Backflow Preventer

This plumbing component is all that stands between clean water to your tap and drinking water contamination. A backflow test helps infer the optimal function of the check & relief valves through water flow manipulation. It should be done annually to keep your loo water separate from what is going down the drain.

Sump Pump | Plumbing Service In Saugus, MA

They can suffer malfunction owing to stuck switches, excess ground water that tops the pump’s capacity, clogged discharge pipes, improper installation, and aged pumps are the most prolific plumbing problems. Regular maintenance & servicing will ensure your sump pump functions optimally throughout the year.

Water Heaters

They are necessary for Saugus because the weather is pretty chilly through the winter and spring. If a water heater fails to provide hot water, you might have a crisis – plus the deferred morning showers!

Typical problems arise from tank sediment and heating element corrosion. Loose electrical connections from poor water heater installation or even installing the wrong capacity unit can also lead to plumbing problems.

Drains & Grates | Plumbing Service In Saugus, MA

Drain clogs can occur inside your home, in your French drains & storm grates. It’s best to check them occasionally to ensure no matted hair or organic debris is blocking the drains.

When Do You Need Emergency Plumbing Service in Saugus, MA?

If you are facing,

1. Sewage backup in the basement or a flooded crawlspace

2. Burst pipes in the basement or anywhere in the plumbing system

3. Overflowing toilets & multiple clogged drains, especially after a rainy spell

You must call for emergency plumbing service in Saugus, MA, at 774-202-9077!

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